Redondo Beach

On April 18, 1892, Redondo voters adopted cityhood by a vote of 177-10. The first City Hall was built in 1908 at Benita and Emerald Street.

Redondo’s popularity began a slow decline when San Pedro Harbor started to take shape in 1899. By 1912, the Pacific Steamship Company stopped calling at Redondo altogether. Lumber schooners still used Pier No. 3 at Topaz Street until the railroad pulled out in 1926. Because of prohibition, the $250,000 Hotel Redondo closed its doors and in 1925 was sold for scrap lumber–the price was $3,000.

Big time gambling, complete with mobsters and shooting incidents, found its way to Redondo during the Depression. Chip games, bingo parlors, and a casino were run in full view of the law between 1936 and 1940. For a fare of 25 cents, a water-taxi would transport a visitor to the gambling ship Rex which operated three miles off shore.

Storms have been an ever-present danger to the City’s piers. They have been washed out, then rebuilt, then washed out again. Redondo’s first breakwater was built in 1939 and although the cost was more than $500,000, it provided only limited protection. Because of the way it was constructed, wave action and the normal movement of the beach sand was altered. Following every storm, sand accumulated north of the breakwater. Eventually the beach area between Diamond and Beryl Streets was obliterated. A raging storm in 1953 caused extensive damage not only to the breakwater, but to City streets and private property. In 1956, work began on the marina Redondo has today–King Harbor. It is named after the man who was a moving force behind it, Representative Cecil R. King (Democrat, 17th District).

Redondo’s population boomed in the ‘50s and ‘60s. In 1890, the population was 668; in 1940 it was 13,092; and in 1965 it was 54,772. Today, Redondo citizens number a little over 63,000. Still known as a tourist and resort town, Redondo can boast of piers with fishing and amusements, a Saltwater Lagoon reminiscent of the old plunge, many fine food restaurants and hotels, and a beautiful harbor. But Redondo today is not all fun and games. Some of the best and most innovative schools in the State are located in Redondo. Small and large businesses flourish, and City services are on a par with or exceed those of any other South Bay city. – from City of Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach Unified School District

The Redondo Beach Unified School District is located in Redondo Beach, California. The school district consists of eight elementary schools, two middle schools, one high school, one continuation school, and one adult school.

The ongoing goal of Redondo Beach Unified School District is to strive for excellence in education through partnership, past traditions, communication with teachers, staff, parents, community members and most importantly the children of the city of Redondo Beach.

From RBUSD website